Dow Jones’ “Global” Venture Financing Report ignores South America, Africa and most of Asia

A few days ago I reflected on the Dow Jones VentureSource report on Global Venture Financing.  I noted:

The report breaks the world into only 4 regions: “U.S., Europe, China, Canada, Israel, and India.”  What about the rest of Asia, Latin America, and Africa?  My guess is that investment there was too small for Dow Jones to put effort into researching.  I’ve followed up with Kim Gagliardi and Michael Burns of Dow Jones to ask them.

Below are the questions I asked and the answers I received via email from VentureSource:

WorldTechStartups: Did you research regions outside the ones stated?  How much venture investing was there in Q1 in Latin America, Africa, and the rest of Asia?

VentureSource: Currently, VentureSource does not report on regions other than U.S., China, Europe, Canada, Israel and India, so we don’t have the other data you’re looking for.

WorldTechStartups: Did you include angel investors or just institutional VCs in your definition of investments?

VentureSource: Angel investment was included when the angel invested alongside a venture firm but not when the angel invested independently. VentureSource reports include equity financings including cash investments by professional venture capital firms, corporations, other private equity firms, and individuals into companies that have received at least one round of venture funding. We only count closed deals and never include debt/loans or government grants.

WorldTechStartups: Is it your perception investing in the developing world (aside from China/India) is increasing?

VentureSource: Because we don’t track other developing regions, we can’t comment on this.

The least they could do is leave out the world ‘Global’ from the title of the report.  Though if I had my wish, VentureSource  would actually cover the rest of the world!


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