Guess what country has 10 million people and only 3 blogs

TechMasai recently wrote an interesting post on the number of blogs in each African country. African countries have a wide range in terms of the number of blogs with South Africa coming in at over 9000 and Gabon having only 1 blog.

Another way to look at the popularity of blogs in Africa is to adjust by population.  So I divided the population of each country by the number of blogs as reported by Afrigator, and Africa blog aggregator.  South Africa has just over 4000 citizens for every blog, while the data shows that 12 African countries astoundingly have well over a million people for each blog.  Guinea has the most people per blog (or least blogs per person), with over 3 million people per blog.  It has a population of approximately 10 million people and only 3 blogs!

Blogs are a key way for citizens to communicate their thoughts and ideas, and to advocate for change.   They are also a critical tool for building communities around entrepreneurship.  Let’s hope that many of the countries on this list make significant progress in terms of internet access and freedom of expression, so that someday no country has a single digit number of blogs for a population of many millions.

Country People/Blog
Guinea 3,315,938
Chad 3,295,220
Sudan 2,461,210
Central African Republic 2,184,519
Congo-Kinshasa 1,777,068
Ethiopia 1,641,185
Gabon 1,454,867
Niger 1,432,763
Burundi 1,398,418
Burkina Faso 1,193,850
Mali 1,090,491
Mauritania 1,090,022


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