Ranking Countries by Investment Attractiveness

Ranking Countries by Investment Attractiveness

Several researchers at European business schools have put together a very interesting tool that ranks countries by their attractiveness for VC/PE investments. It is very descriptively called “The Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index.” The tool makes it very easy to visualize investment attractiveness on a worldwide map and then click through for more information on particular regions.

The study takes into account many key factors that impact investment performance and risk: “economic activity; size and liquidity of capital markets; taxation; investor protection and corporate governance; the human and social environment, and entrepreneurial culture and opportunities.”

I think it would be fascinating to create an adjusted report that specifically focuses on the likelihood of successful early stage tech entrepreneurship. It might weight specific factors more heavily such as presence of universities with top computer science programs, number of developers in a population, and presence of accelerators and other forms of entrepreneurship education.

Nonetheless, the current tool is quite useful so check it out. Thanks to Alexander Groh, Heinrich Liechtenstein, Karsten Lieser, and everyone else who participated in this project!


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